Tax Levy Release Negotiated by Kutler Tax Resolution

Kutler Tax Resolution negotiates $9,000 tax levy release within 24 hours!!!

A charter school out of Florida hires Kutler Tax Resolution immediately after learning the Internal Revenue Service had issued a tax levy on their bank account. When the Internal Revenue Service took this aggressive action against our client they hindered their ability to meet payroll, as the tax levy captured $9,000! This of course created sheer panic for our client, as they were now in a position where they would not be able to pay their employees the wages they worked so hard to earn. Kutler Tax Resolution promptly tried to reach the Revenue Officer assigned to their case and when there was no response, we began reaching out to everyone in that office until we were able to get in contact with the Revenue Officer’s Manager. Upon speaking with the Manager, Kutler Tax Resolution successfully negotiated a full release of the tax levy that was issued and the funds were released back into the account within 24 hours of the charter school hiring our firm. Furthermore, we negotiated a hold on enforced collection protecting our client from another tax levy being issued while they gather the information required to formalize an Installment Agreement.

If you have a current tax levy in place, contact us NOW!!!

Tax Levy
If the Internal Revenue Service or the State has issued a wage garnishment, bank levy, or accounts receivable tax levy against you or your business, time is of the essence. A tax levy can quickly lead to a financial crisis, which can be extremely overwhelming. Kutler Tax Resolution will not waste any time when it comes to getting you the relief that you need. If you have been levied, DON’T WAIT!!! Contact us immediately at 720-398-6087 or at

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