Lien Release

Lien Release – A tax lien is a security instrument the Internal Revenue Service and State Government use to obtain a security in the tax debt that is owed.  A tax lien can cause significant problems with your credit, ability to obtain a loan, ability to obtain a line of credit or purchase a piece of property.  A lien also applies against any real property you own.

A tax lien is the first line of defense the IRS uses when processing an assessment against a taxpayer. The lien is also public record. Therefore, you have probably had 3 or 4 companies calling you as it relates to the lien. Be wary of any company calling you and claiming they can get the lien released immediately. There are special instructions and methods used in order to facilitate a release and the IRS is not in the habit of granting a lien release for no particular reason. There are options you have as it relates to the tax lien and as your national tax service, we can assist you with all options needed.

Options regarding the tax lien are as follows; withdraw request, release request, subordination of the tax lien, and a discharge of the tax lien in the case of property issues. Please call your national tax service or Kutler Tax Resolution directly for more information as each case is different and requires special attention.