Monumental Pay Plan Formalized:

Mrs. Long came on board with liabilities to two state taxing authorities and the IRS. This task can be very tricky as Mrs. Long only has so much cash flow to go around to address all three liabilities. Kutler Tax Resolution was able to negotiate a payment plan of only $250 per month for one of the state liabilities on a $45,000 balance due!! This is a huge victory as it allows for more room to address the other two liabilities which we are currently awaiting approval on.

Currently Not Collectable Achieved:

Mrs. Ellis came to Kutler Tax Resolution as a very confused taxpayer as her area of expertise is in pet grooming, not taxes. She is leaving with a formal arrangement with the IRS to not have to make any payments for at least one year, likely longer, on her businesses $15,000 liability. This allows her to focus on the growth of her new business, so that at some point down the road, she will be able to re-pay her liability to the IRS when it works best for her.

Doors Re-Opened For Business:

Steve owed the state of Wisconsin $20,000 and the state decided to take extreme action by coming into the business in the middle of the day and emptied the cash register and closed the doors. Obviously this was detrimental to Steve’s business and reputation in the small community he lives and works in. After some out of the box thinking, Kutler Tax Resolution was able to get the doors back open and the city’s best breakfast spot was back open for business within 48 hours!!


I am crying tears of joy!!

I can not thank you enough for resolving this in a timely manner, I am crying tears of joy!!
God bless you both!!


Tonya Dickman
Today is the Miracle of all Miracles because Kutler Tax Resolution resolved our tax problems.

Today is the Miracle of all Miracles because Kutler Tax Resolution resolved our tax problems.  You all are truly a miracle for me an Bill.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You all truly do what you say can do for people.

Hazel and Bill Branton
We made the right decision to hire Kutler Tax Resolution

Recently we were faced with a $150,000 IRS tax lien that scared us to death and not knowing what to do. After we received calls from a couple dozen companies, we decided to go with Kutler Tax Resolution since they were polite and not pushy like some of the other companies. We have not regretted it for a single second, as it has been a great relief knowing that everything is being handled timely, professionally and with our best interest in mind. They prove over and over again to us that we made the right decision to hire Kutler Tax Resolution.


Rocky Mountain Automation & Consulting, Inc.
Centennial, Colorado

T. Forsythe
Kutler Tax was able to alleviate all of our anxiety.

We recently started a private counseling practice, but were intimidated by the process of determining how to set ourselves up with regard to tax benefits and general business structure. Trent was able to alleviate all of our anxiety about structuring our business in a very professional, yet down-to-earth manner. He was incredibly patient with all of our questions, and able to put into layman’s term the information we needed. Trent took the time upfront to understand our personal and professional goals, and was able to craft a solution that met our specific needs, allowing us to do what we do best without worrying if we were working within appropriate regulations. We would recommend Trent to anyone who needs tax or business advice, but also prefers a personal approach with excellent customer service.

Catalyss Counseling, LLC

Chris Campassi and Shannon Heers
They have put my mind at ease!

I would like to thank Trent Kutler of Kutler Tax Resolution services for all he has done and continues to do to help me resolve my tax issues. He has put my mind at ease and has taken the time to explain to me step by step on solving my tax problems. I would strongly urge anyone who feels there is no way to get out of their tax woes to give Kutler Tax Resolution a call and let them lead you the way to a peaceful solution. Thank You Trent for all your hard work.

Steve, Wisconsin
Kutler Got Our Money Back!

We can’t begin to tell you how it felt to find that we had absolutely no money in our bank accounts virtually overnight. Zero. All we had was the cash in our pockets to get us through the week! And all of this came right before Christmas. The team at Kutler Tax Resolution services gave us red carpet treatment and got our monies returned to us quickly. We had NO idea that could even happen! Kutler tax resolution quelled the shock and panic that immediately consumed us and patiently guided us through one of the most catastrophic events of our lives. “Thank you” seems to fall so short of the gratitude we wish to sincerely relay! May God bless you!

Lonnie & Dianne, Mississippi
I Highly Recommend Kutler Tax Resolution!

Trent has talked me through completing forms and through having small minor breakdowns. He has also spoken to the IRS and Treasury departments on our behalf taking the burden and strife of dealing with those officials off of us. He is in the process of getting us set up on a payment plan and an amount that we will be able to handle paying back.

We don’t speak to each other every day anymore and that’s kind of sad, but now we don’t have creditors crawling at us either and I can thank Trent for that. When you need someone that is going to do what they say, and honestly help you, you can turn to Kutler Tax Resolution.

Karen from Mississippi

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