Offer in Compromise Saves Client Over $275,000!!!

Life Changing Offer in Compromise Negotiated by Kutler Tax Resolution!!!

A married couple from Texas hired Kutler Tax Resolution to resolve their outstanding tax liability with the Internal Revenue Service of over $300,000. They had established a very successful business offering various services such as decorative paintings, faux finishes, murals, and so much more! She was a well recognized national mural artist who had devoted over 20 years of herself to creating elegant Artistic Mural Works, while her husband stood by her side and managed the business. In a blink of an eye their entire world changed when she fell off a scaffold as she was creating yet another beautiful masterpiece. Subsequent to this unfortunate accident she suffered from multiple medical issues and they were forced to close the business. She was placed on disability and her husband began collecting Social Security, which was now their only source of income; they struggled just to make ends meet.

Kutler Tax Resolution had decided that due to the financial hardship that they were faced with, their age, and their ability to generate future income, there was absolutely no way that this elderly couple would be able to satisfy this tremendous liability. However, based on the given circumstances we determined that they qualified for an Offer in Compromise. We began gathering necessary financial and medical documentation to support our case, as an Offer in Compromise can be very difficult to get accepted. Based on their financial situation and their ability to pay, we prepared an Offer in Compromise to settle the $300,000 tax debt for $6,700. After submitting the Offer in Compromise the Internal Revenue Service came back with two different counter offers, the first for $150,000 and the second for $91,000. Our client did not have the financial ability to satisfy either counter offer. Even though the Internal Revenue Service rejected their Offer in Compromise twice, we continued fighting for them and challenged the IRS’s decisions through the appeals process. As a result, Kutler Tax Resolution finally won their case and their Offer in Compromise was accepted for $6,700!!!  Not only will this Offer in Compromise acceptance put their tax troubles behind them, but it will finally relieve them of all the stress that has been following them for years.

Do you qualify for an Offer in Compromise?

Contact us today and find out by going to or calling us directly at 720-398-6087. Kutler Tax Resolution will thoroughly analyze your situation to determine if you qualify for an Offer in Compromise and are eligible to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount.

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