Kutler Tax Resolution Negotiates Substantial Tax Levy Release

Tax Levy Released for $96,000!!!

A mid-size concrete contractor out of South Dakota hired Kutler Tax Resolution to negotiate a feasible Installment Agreement with the Internal Revenue Service; however, they were unaware at the time that a tax levy had already been issued by the Revenue Officer to their bank account and Accounts Receivable. Once they learned that the Revenue Officer had issued the tax levy, they contacted us right away.  We immediately reached out to the Revenue Officer, who was unwilling to work with us on releasing the tax levy. We then contacted the Group Manager and had a very detailed conversation about the reasons this tax levy should be released. In speaking with the Group Manager, we successfully negotiated a tax levy release for $96,000!!! Our client was ecstatic to hear this magnificent news, as this tax levy could have potentially put them out of business and cost approximately a hundred employees their jobs!!!

Protect-your-money780x250_revisedDon’t let a tax levy happen to you, get protection TODAY!!!

If you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service or the State, do not wait to get protection; otherwise, it could cost you a significant amount of money or even put you out of business. Kutler Tax Resolution will work hand in hand with you and the taxing authorities to keep you protected while negotiating a suitable resolution on your behalf. Learn about how we can help you by calling us directly at 720-398-6087 or going to www.kutlertaxresolution.com, but whatever you do, DON’T WAIT!!!

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