Personal Assessment Protection

Has the IRS ever sent you a letter personally, sent a notice to your home address or your corporate address threatening to assess a penalty to you for unpaid corporate employment taxes? If so, the IRS may be attempting to assess the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is the portion of the employees taxes withheld attributable to the Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax as well as Medicare. When the employer does not pay over the “Trust Fund” to the IRS, the IRS can assess willful and responsible parties.  Sometimes the IRS can assess non-liable parties as well. Therefore it is of utmost importance to get in touch with Kutler Tax immediately if you or someone you know is in the cross hairs of the IRS concerning Trust Fund.

There are several processes regarding assessment of the trust fund, first of which is an interview form. Once the interview form is completed with the IRS, the IRS will complete the rest of the processes involved with finding out who is responsible.  Kutler Tax can assist you and help you through the interview process so you know your rights.

Now, if you have already been assessed a penalty (Called a Civil Penalty) stemming from a business and you feel it was wrongful, you don’t feel responsible for the debt, and you are angry the owner or president, brother or sister,  didn’t pay the taxes through the business, then look no further. Call Kutler Tax now to see if you qualify for protection or a reverse assessment. There are several options in relation to the trust fund liability as far as getting it reversed. One option is abatement of the penalty once assessed.  Another option is looking to file a Doubt as to Liability offer (referenced in the OIC section). As always, call Kutler Tax Resolution directly so we may explain all of your options to you in greater detail.