Offer In Compromise

An offer in compromise is a settlement you may qualify for as it relates to your IRS or State liability. There are three types of offers in compromise: Doubt as to Collectible Offer In Compromise – This offer is based on your ability to pay monthly as well as a calculation concerning your liquidity in […]

Business Restructuring

If you own a business owing 941 tax debt, 940 debts, or 1120 debt, Kutler Tax Resolution will review your financial statement to see if you qualify for savings. We are able to restructure your business to give you both a fresh start, and a head start on the road to recovery.  Do not attempt […]

Personal Assessment Protection

Has the IRS ever sent you a letter personally, sent a notice to your home address or your corporate address threatening to assess a penalty to you for unpaid corporate employment taxes? If so, the IRS may be attempting to assess the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is the portion of […]

Consulting and Other Services

As your professional tax resolution services company, Kutler Tax Resolution will provide the service that best fits your needs, goals, and aspirations. We work as an advocate between you and the IRS/State so you don’t have to.  We want you to do what you do best; whether it’s securing the next contract to build a […]

Property Seizure Protection

If the IRS and/or State authorities are attempting to seize your property, whether it’s your personal residence, or your business property, vehicles, or bank accounts, let us go to work for you.  The IRS and State are very aggressive when it comes to collecting the balances owed. Often times they will threaten and even begin […]

Tax & IRS Payment Plans

There are several different payment plans available to both business and individual taxpayers. The IRS and State authorities have threshold amounts to qualify for certain types of agreements.  The IRS also requires financial information to structure certain plans if the tax liability does not meet the threshold requirement. A few types of agreements require different […]

Currently Not Collectible

Currently Not Collectible can be a great tax resolution option for a business or an individual who just needs to get back on their feet.  In a lot of cases the business is taking losses month after month, or the individual is having a hard time paying their monthly bills and putting food on the table. Maybe […]

Penalty Reduction

The IRS or State may reduce the overall liability you owe by way of a penalty reduction or “abatement”.  There are several reasons why people may qualify for an abatement of which are as follows; death in the family, sickness in the family, absence from work, unable to work, natural disaster, wrong advice from a […]

Lien Release

Lien Release – A tax lien is a security instrument the Internal Revenue Service and State Government use to obtain a security in the tax debt that is owed.  A tax lien can cause significant problems with your credit, ability to obtain a loan, ability to obtain a line of credit or purchase a piece […]

Tax Preparation & Accounting Services

We offer a full range of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Preparation tax filing Services. Tax Preparation – We provide Tax Preparation for Individuals and Businesses in all 50 states. We have licensed professionals with over 25 years of experience in Preparation and Taxation on our staff ready to prepare your tax return for you with a […]