Tax debt resolved by Kutler Tax Resolution saving client’s business and over $250,000!!!

Tax Debt Settlement

Kutler Tax Resolution was retained by an automotive shop to negotiate an Installment Agreement with the State of New Jersey Division of Taxation on the outstanding tax debt of approximately $150,000 that was owed. The State of New Jersey was very aggressive with our client in their attempt to collect this tax debt, coming in and shutting down the automotive shop until an Installment Agreement was established, which meant that all required tax returns had to be filed. Kutler Tax Resolution assisted in properly filing the required tax returns, which brought them into compliance. After these returns posted they owed approximately $300,000 in tax debt. However, Kutler Tax Resolution was able to favorably settle with the State of New Jersey saving the business over $250,000 in tax debt!!! Kutler Tax Resolution then successfully negotiated a suitable Installment Agreement on the minimal tax debt, which meant the business could continue operating their business.

Tackle Your Tax Debt TODAY!

If you have outstanding tax debt, you may also be in danger of your business being shut down by the Internal Revenue Service or the State. Don’t let this happen to you! Contact Kutler Tax Resolution right away to settle your tax debt by going to or contact us directly at 720-398-6087. We will fight for your business and successfully negotiate a satisfactory agreement on your behalf.

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