Penalty Abatement Saves Client Over $25,000!!

Penalty Abatement Granted for Late Filing Penalty

Tax Resolution

Kutler Tax Resolution provides significant relief for a non-profit organization that was assessed with a penalty for over $25,000 as a result of not filing one tax return on time. Even though the business had always filed and paid their taxes timely, there was one year a filing requirement was not met. This was due to the fact that a new officer of the business was unfamiliar with the basic filing requirements, which resulted in the Internal Revenue Service assessing them with a tremendous late filing penalty. Once they learned of this penalty being assessed against their business, they hired Kutler Tax Resolution to assist them in getting this penalty removed from their account. We immediately contacted the Revenue Officer that was assigned to their case and obtained a hold of any enforced collection, while we negotiated to have this penalty abated due to the reasonable cause that existed. Even though the Internal Revenue Service had previously denied a penalty abatement request that was submitted by our client, we successfully negotiated a penalty abatement of the late filing penalty that had been assessed. Not only were we able to save our client over $25,000, but because we successfully abated this penalty the business no longer owes any taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.

Have You or Your Business Been Assessed with a Penalty?

Whether you have been assessed with a penalty for not filing timely or not paying your taxes timely, Kutler Tax Resolution can help. We will provide you with a FREE consultation to see if you qualify for any type of relief based on reasonable cause. You also may have other options that better suit your situation, which may result in even more savings. Don’t wait, contact us at or 720-398-6087 to find out how you can save today!

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