Kutler Tax Resolution Negotiates a $12,000 Savings

Kutler Tax Resolution was hired by a company in the State of Minnesota because the State of Kentucky kept harassing them about not filing and paying taxes to them.  They couldn’t figure out for the life of them why, but the State of Kentucky filed a tax lien against them and were about ready to collect by way of levy.  This company contacted Kutler Tax Resolution about the problem and within 24 hours, Kutler Tax Resolution was able to get to the bottom of the problem, explain the tax law to both the client and the State of Kentucky, resulting in a $12,000 liability being completely whipped out!!

This type of thing happens all the time where the business owner doesn’t understand the tax law and ends up being taken advantage of by the the state department of revenue or the IRS.  Before hiring Kutler Tax Resolution, this client was about to just cut the Department of Revenue a check.  Don’t let the taxing authorities bully you around, contact Kutler Tax Resolution at 720-398-6087720-398-6087.

Tax Resolution

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