Lonnie & Dianne, Mississippi

We can’t begin to tell you how it felt to find that we had absolutely no money in our bank accounts virtually overnight. Zero. All we had was the cash in our pockets to get us through the week! And all of this came right before Christmas. The team at Kutler Tax Resolution services gave […]

Karen from Mississippi

Trent has talked me through completing forms and through having small minor breakdowns. He has also spoken to the IRS and Treasury departments on our behalf taking the burden and strife of dealing with those officials off of us. He is in the process of getting us set up on a payment plan and an […]

Kutler Tax Resolution Negotiates Substantial Tax Levy Release

Tax Levy Released for $96,000!!! A mid-size concrete contractor out of South Dakota hired Kutler Tax Resolution to negotiate a feasible Installment Agreement with the Internal Revenue Service; however, they were unaware at the time that a tax levy had already been issued by the Revenue Officer to their bank account and Accounts Receivable. Once […]

Offer in Compromise Saves Client Over $275,000!!!

Life Changing Offer in Compromise Negotiated by Kutler Tax Resolution!!! A married couple from Texas hired Kutler Tax Resolution to resolve their outstanding tax liability with the Internal Revenue Service of over $300,000. They had established a very successful business offering various services such as decorative paintings, faux finishes, murals, and so much more! She […]

Tax Levy Release Negotiated by Kutler Tax Resolution

Kutler Tax Resolution negotiates $9,000 tax levy release within 24 hours!!! A charter school out of Florida hires Kutler Tax Resolution immediately after learning the Internal Revenue Service had issued a tax levy on their bank account. When the Internal Revenue Service took this aggressive action against our client they hindered their ability to meet payroll, as the […]

Penalty Abatement Saves Client Over $25,000!!

Penalty Abatement Granted for Late Filing Penalty Kutler Tax Resolution provides significant relief for a non-profit organization that was assessed with a penalty for over $25,000 as a result of not filing one tax return on time. Even though the business had always filed and paid their taxes timely, there was one year a filing […]

New Year’s Tax Resolution!!!

Tax Resolution for a Happy New Year! Say goodbye to last year and ring in the New Year with Kutler Tax Resolution. We will commit to improving your current tax situation by getting you the tax resolution you deserve. Don’t let your tax problems turn into a financial crisis by handling the situation yourself, which […]

Kutler Tax Resolution Saves Client over $100,000!!!

Kutler Tax Resolution is very proud to report that they have successfully negotiated an acceptance by the IRS that will result in a savings of over $100,000 for a local Energy Company.  Kutler Tax Resolution used some out of the box thinking and planning to execute this resolution. Needless to say, as you can see […]