Looking for Tax Resolution in Denver?

If you’re looking for Tax Resolution Denver, Kutler Tax Resolution is the company you want on your side.  Here at Kutler Tax Resolution we have successfully resolved over 2500 cases.  We handle all types of tax liabilities such as state sales tax, state and federal income tax, state and federal withholding tax, and any other tax liability you might be dealing with.

Why Kutler Tax Resolution?  Experience.  Our licensed Tax Resolution professionals that head the negotiations on your behalf, have no less than eight years of experience dealing directly with taxing authorities, and a combined eighty years of experience.  With this experience comes the knowledge of all procedure and laws that the state and federal taxing authorities are bound by.  For example, the taxing authorities job is to collect on these debts however they can, which includes placing a levy on your bank account or merchant accounts, and by garnishing your personal wages.  We understand exactly how this type of collection action can be avoided before it happens and also how to release your bank levy or garnishment and place you into a formal tax resolution.  If you don’t understand and practice this type of negotiation on a daily basis, the taxing authorities will win.  Your CPA or general business attorney does not have the experience in this arena, therefore they will not have the success that we do.  Kutler Tax Resolution Denver will help you put your tax issues behind you and allow you to sleep better at night.

Make the right decision and hire Kutler Tax Resolution to protect you or your business from the taxing authorities and to negotiate a formal resolution today!  You can visit us at Kutlertaxresolution.com or contact us directly by calling us at 720-398-6087 and use prompt #2 to speak with an experienced tax analyst for your FREE consultation.


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