Kira Barrett, EA

Kira has almost 30 years working in the financial industries coming into tax resolution from being a mortgage lender. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and strives to provide the utmost in customer service. She has extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the IRS and state taxing authorities’ rules, guidelines and idiosyncrasies. This knowledge helps her to negotiate through and around the guidelines to seek the most beneficial resolution for her clients, understanding that no case is the same as another and each client brings a uniqueness to their case. It is this constant, ever-changing environment that Kira loves so much. Kira has also been a small business owner herself, having run her own catering company for a number of years. This experience as a former small business owner allows her to better understand the struggles other small business owners deal with on a daily basis. In her personal time, Kira enjoys spending time with her son and fur babies. She is an avid sports fan, enjoying both playing sports as well as watching them. She also enjoys sewing and can be found making anything from quilts to custom bags.

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